Second Grade Spelling

2nd Grade Spelling Program

Our FREE second grade spelling words program includes 40 weekly 2nd grade spelling word lists and interactive online spelling games, lessons and tests. Children master their second grade spelling lists through daily lessons. Each week kids will second be introduced to their weekly word list then practice through our online spelling games like hangman, word search and word jumble. When the child is ready, the week will end with an online 2nd grade spelling test. We recommend students passing their spelling test with 100% before moving to the next lesson.

Teachers and homeschoolers can feel free to print materials for your classroom, or distribute to parents for home use. To take full advantage of the program, consider using the 2nd grade spelling program together with the companion second grade worksheets which are coming soon.

Second Grade Reading Tips

The ultimate way to get your 2nd grader interested in reading is to find out what he /she likes and to have oodles of patience. Don’t be discouraged, it won’t take long to get your little one initiating the reading. Take them to the book store and have them pick out their own books, let them explore.

This is also the beginning of when your 2nd grade reader will be influenced by what their classmates are doing and what holds their interest. Praise your children for thinking and encourage them to open up when they don’t understand something. They are very eager to learn at this age. Always encourage curiosity.

A fun idea to get your 2nd grader reading is to track their progress. Children love getting gold stars! Create a book board and for every book they finish give them a star. When they have a total of 5 stars (or how many you decide) celebrate with a treat or a trip to their favorite park. And don’t forget to help out other parents by bringing a book as a gift to the next birthday party! Picture / Illustration books and large print at this developmental stage is definitely the way to go. We recommend the Must Read Book List for 2nd Grade is a great way to find great books for your second graders.

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